What Is KMG?
KMG – Krav Maga Global is recognized as the single most professional and internationally active Krav Maga organization, having earned the trust of security services and civilian practitioners alike. KMG has professional Global and International Teams (GIT) of instructors, personally selected and trained by Eyal to provide all aspects of the KMG organization’s training services, including civilian, military, law enforcement, VIP protection, air marshals, SWAT teams, etc.
KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defense, combat and fighting, VIP and third-party protection.

It is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations.

KMG’s Krav Maga system is continuing to be developed by Imi’s closest assistant, Master Eyal Yanilov, adapting it to meet the changing needs of civilians of all ages, military units, law enforcement officers, and security personnel. It is an evolving system, which provides novel solutions for dynamic situations.
KMG - Krav Maga Global
Evolution Timeline
1944 Imi Sde–Or (Lichtenfeld), Founder of Krav Maga, started teaching hand-to-hand combat in the Haganah (pre-state defense militia).
1948 Following the independence of the State of Israel - Imi continued teaching in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) School of Combat Fitness as Chief Instructor for physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat, where he developed what later became known as Krav Maga.
1964 Imi retires from the IDF and takes Krav Maga to the civilian sector.
1974 Ten years after Imi retired from the IDF and took Krav Maga to the civilian sector, Eyal Yanilov began studying Krav Maga under Imi’s personal tutelage.
1987 Appointed by Imi as Head of the Professional Committee, Eyal formed the new curriculum of Krav Maga and introduced it to the other high graded Israeli instructors.
1996 Imi awarded Eyal Master Level 3 - the highest grade in the system - and granted him the Founders Diploma of Excellence (1997). Imi then entrusted Eyal with the mission of turning Krav Maga into an integrated, comprehensive, technical and tactical system.
2010 Eyal established KMG - Krav Maga Global, a global infrastructure designed to expand Krav Maga throughout the world, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, morals and ethics.
2018 Krav Maga Global has more than 1,500 active instructors in over 60 countries throughout the world.
The Origins Of Krav Maga – Contact Combat
Krav Maga translated from Hebrew into English, as ‘Contact Combat’ was initially developed as an unarmed combat system by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) due to its no-nonsense approach.

Krav Maga has since been adapted by Eyal Yanilov to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement officers and security personnel. Krav Maga is widely recognized as the most comprehensive reality based self-defense system in the world today.
Krav Maga Development
Krav Maga is composed of three pillars, self-defense; fighting skills and tactics; 3rd party and VIP protection and consideration. Krav Maga is a practical realistic system that teaches how to avoid, prevent, deter or deal with all types of violent confrontations.
It was developed under realistic conditions in Israel by its founder Imi (Sde-or) Lichenfeld. This contact combat system continues to be developed by Imi’s closest assistant and highest-level instructor Eyal Yanilov of Krav Maga Global.
Learning Krav Maga
Krav Maga is a unique and logical contact combat system of self-defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics. There are no traditional or sporting elements in Krav Maga with all of its training methods being based on the adaptation of instinctive response through principal based learning, resulting in skills that become practical in a short space of time and useful under stressful conditions.
Elevating the trainee’s capabilities on the physical, mental, technical and tactical levels, Krav Maga – contact combat is suitable for all, as each person, with the guidance of a certified instructor can reach their own goals and fulfill their needs.
Krav Maga Training
An essential part of Krav Maga training is its structured teaching process, delivery of learning and training methodologies. Its curriculum is divided into grades and levels, whether it is for civilians, military soldiers, Law-Enforcement and security officers, Close Personal Protection personnel or members of special units. Click here to read more about how Krav Maga Global is developing Krav Maga further.
Krav Maga - Contact Combat Training Includes:
  • How to prevent, avoid, escape and evade situations of conflict
  • Learning how to fall and roll to reduce injury through impact on the ground
  • Attacking and counter-attacking skills, using the hands, legs, feet, arms and head
  • Attacking and counter-attacking skills, using the hands, legs, feet, arms and head
  • How to use everyday objects for self-defense and fighting
  • Techniques to defend yourself again unarmed attacks such as kicks, strikes, throws, different grabs of body and clothing
  • Techniques to defend yourself against armed threats and attacks involving knives, other sharp objects, sticks and other blunt objects
  • Techniques to defend yourself against threats with both a short barreled or long barreled firearms
  • How to defend yourself when on the ground
  • How to deal with multiple attackers
  • How to defend other people also known as third party protection
  • Specific curriculum for the governmental and security forces and departments from the infantry to the anti-terror, from the law-enforcement to the peace keeping missions.
Krav Maga - A Contact Combat System For A Modern World
Krav Maga – Contact Combat techniques and principles are taught with ultimate reality in mind. To enable someone to cope with all types of conflict situations and violent encounters in all types of environments, places, surrounding and situation, such as open or confined spaces, around or in a car or on public transport, in water, in low-light conditions and on shaky, uneven or non-resisting grounds and more.

Krav Maga training also emphasis the need to train to deal with conflict when in positions of disadvantage such as; standing, sitting down, laying down (on your front or back), when on moving transport or with a loved one.
Krav Maga Personal Development – Life Saving And Life Changing Skills
Krav Maga enables personal growth from both a physical and mental perspective with those training Krav Maga seeing vast improves in their physical health and mental abilities to make decisions in stressful, fast moving situations and to be able to cope with demanding lifestyles.
Role Specific Krav Maga
Krav Maga is adaptable to meet the needs of both men and women, from children to mature adults.
Krav Maga training also has specific curriculums including tactical adaptations to meet the ever-growing needs of Military Units, Anti-Terrorist Groups, Special Units, Undercover Officers, Close Protection Agents, Correctional Officers, Air Marshalls and much more.
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