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Instructors Courses Description
General Instructors Course (GIC)
KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) is renowned as being the most comprehensive in Krav Maga education in the world today. Only candidates with the appropriate abilities, backgrounds, and years of training are accepted to the course. Through an extensive, multi-stage program, the GIC develops Krav Maga skills, techniques and tactics, and combines them with teaching know-how and highly advanced training methods and processes. Successful completion of the course depends on meeting specific criteria at the end of each stage, including theoretical, technical and tactical examinations (according to the KMG official curriculum), as well as the practical application of the learned teaching skills.
Women Instructors Course (WIC)
The WIC is designed to meet the specific needs, and requirements instructors may need to provide appropriate and practical instruction for women in their clubs, schools, and communities. The curriculum presents techniques and tactics, along with physical and mental drills, specifically addressing training goals relevant to many women.

The WIC and other KMG programs for training women focus on de-escalation, prevention and implementing solutions for everyday problems, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence, and a broad range of other dangerous circumstances experienced by many women. The course also includes an element of experiential training, providing participants with a unique insight into the threat of sexual violence.
Kids Instructors Course (KIC)
KMG’s Kids Instructor Course (KIC) prepares instructors to create and manage a kids’ program, as well as providing specific teaching skills necessary for creating exciting and successful classes geared toward children and teens, and guiding them in becoming excellent trainees and healthy, spirited young people.

KMG’s children’s training system and the curriculum consists of practical self-defense techniques and tactics that are effective not only against bullying but also against attacks by adults. At the same time, KMG teaches children when it is and when it is not appropriate to use a physical response.

The training process for kids and teens also emphasizes the development of important personality traits such as courage, self-restraint, self-discipline, creativity, leadership, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, and the understanding of when to use the acquired self-defense knowledge and capabilities.
Law Enforcement Instructors Course (LEIC)
KMG’s LEIC includes Krav Maga teaching methods, techniques, and tactics for apprehending and controlling suspects; shooting-range training for a combination of non-lethal and lethal force scenarios; and obstacle course and CQB training sessions. With indoor and outdoor training, simulations and scenario-based training, participants are elevated to the highest possible level – mentally, physically, technically and tactically. The curriculum also focuses on integrating firearms as an impact weapon when live fire is impossible, illegal, undesirable, or unwarranted.

Law enforcement units, SWAT teams, air marshals, security and intelligence agencies in Israel and around the globe have chosen our way as their training system of choice, under the guidance of Eyal Yanilov, KMG and instructors we have educated.

The LEIC is designed for three different target groups: LE instructors in active service; serving members and officers of LE units; and certified KMG instructors who wish to extend their knowledge in Krav Maga for law enforcement and teach LE personnel who are members of their schools.
Mental Conditioning Instructors Course (MCIC)
KMG’s Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning Instructor Course (MCIC) provides participants with a deep understanding of mental capacities such as focus, concentration, relaxation, and resilience under stress. KMG developed the MCIC curriculum based on years of training with special forces, police, military and undercover agents, as well as through research into NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

The course is designed for KMG instructors and students, as well as for martial artists and instructors, officers and directors of law enforcement, military and special forces organizations. The course is also greatly valued by executives, managers and salesforce personnel in the corporate sector.

At the MCIC, participants study the theory, philosophy and practice of mental preparation. They learn how to develop a combat mindset, to cultivate focus and concentration, to promote relaxation, to manage stress, and to neutralize destructive emotions.

Participants learn how to both train themselves and instruct students, officers, and managers on overcoming mental stress and destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration and anger. The MCIC deals with handling a demanding physical regimen (suitable for groups) while keeping calm and focused, with correctly managing mental and physical conflicts, and with controlling violent confrontations.
Combat and Fighting Instructors Course (CFIC)
KMG’s CFIC features techniques, tactics, mental skills, training methods and principles that transform participants into top fighters and warriors. KMG’s CFIC teaches participants to function under pressure, practice violence dynamics, and react to escalating aggressive behavior in real-life situations.

This high-level education allows instructors to better coach their trainees, fighters and warriors, using the most attuned and efficient methods. The CFIC is primarily intended for KMG’s civilian trainees, but its curriculum is equally well suited for military, law-enforcement, special forces, and anti-terror units.
VIP Protection Course (VIPIC)
KMG’s VIP / Third-Party Protection Instructor Course features skills, techniques, and tactics to protect other people in situations of threat and risk. These are relevant for any person who wishes to be able to protect family members, friends, workplace colleagues and if assigned to do so, an employer, politician or high-ranked officer.

KMG has the highest level of curriculum and knowledge in educating and preparing VIP protection instructors for the governmental sectors, including close protection officers (CPO), security and workforce teams. KMG provides CPO’s and the like the necessary tactical, mental, technical and physical preparation for physical protection at close range and evacuation, hand-to-hand combat, dealing with an active shooter situation, armed conflict, and defensive action. The curriculum also focuses on integrating tools and firearms as an impact weapon, especially when it is not possible, legal or desirable to open fire.
Safe Transportation Instructors Course (TRNSIC)
It is common for aggressors, criminals, and terrorists to attack in public transportation facilities such as terminals, trains, trams, buses, and airplanes. On a daily basis, we see or hear about road rage and carjacking – attacks related to situations in and around private cars.

KMG developed a special course that qualifies instructors to teach the subjects of self-defense, personal safety and protection in those environments, including: street-level stations, central stations, CQB and confined areas, all vehicles that resemble a tube (train, tram, bus and airplane), and in and around small vehicles like private cars and SUVs.
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